At Southern Maine Pediatric Dentistry, we encourage families to focus on preventative care, so that we can avoid more invasive treatment needs; However, there are times, despite best efforts and excellent oral hygiene, that decay can occur, or times when teeth are injured or break. Those are times when Pediatric restorative care is needed. Primary teeth are important space maintainers for adult developing teeth and are important for chewing and speech in children.

If your child requires a filling, our doctors will make every effort to use tooth- colored filling material. These materials are durable and similar to teeth in color and texture. There are times when a primary tooth has extensive decay that reaches the nerve, these teeth will sometimes need a “pulpotomy” or “Pulpectomy” (depending on extent of decay). In these cases, or when the decay is on multiple surfaces of a tooth, it will often need to be covered by a stainless steel crown (a.k.a. “silver hat”). Stainless steel crowns protect the tooth from further fracture or breakdown.

There are also times when extractions are needed. Extractions are needed when a tooth is not restorable, due to decay, infection, or trauma. Children with severe crowding may also need extractions done. Both of our doctors are comfortable helping your child get through an extraction.

While the concept of having a filling or extraction done may seem overwhelming, we are here to make the experience as simple and comfortable as possible. Our doctors and staff are well versed in “child friendly” terminology and techniques. We have additional modalities that can help ease an anxious or fearful child.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (207) 773-3111 if you have any questions about dental restorations.