Nitrous oxide/ Oxygen is perhaps one of the safest sedatives used in dentistry. It is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. When inhaled, it is absorbed by the body and has a calming effect. It is mild, easily administered, then quickly eliminated from the body. Your child will remain fully conscious during treatment. There are multiple flavor options that your child can choose from. Once treatment is completed your child will receive 100% oxygen for 5 minutes and be instructed to breath normally to eliminate the nitrous oxide/oxygen from the body.

Our doctors have undergone comprehensive training to administer Nitrous oxide/oxygen in a safe environment for your child.

We know that not all children are alike! Some will not need or benefit from the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen. The staff will discuss this with you at your visit. On rare occasion, children may experience nauseas after administration of nitrous oxide/oxygen. Do not be alarmed if this happens. A light meal prior to the procedure is permitted, but refrain from eating rich or greasy foods.